Here are before and after photos of a house we renovated in Paisley a few months ago. Our clients were living in the city centre and had recently bought this home but wanted us to renovate it before they moved in.

Here are some before pictures that we took just after we had started to strip the property  (we always get stuck into the work and then remember about taking the before photos, Sorry!)



3. Muirhead

4. Muirhead

6. Muirhead

5. Muirhead

6. Muirhead2


The renovation took roughly 5 weeks and we had regular meetings with our clients to ensure they were happy with the progress and we also added on a few extra jobs that they decided they wanted done along the way.

Here is the end result.

7. Muirhead

8. Muirhead

9. Muirhead

10. Muirhead

11. Muirhead

12.. Muirhead

13. Muirhead

14. Muirhead

15. Muirhead

16. Muirhead

17. Muirhead

18. Muirhead

19. Muirhead

20. Muirhead

21. Muirhead

22. Muirhead


If you have any questions about this renovation or are thinking about getting a similar job done yourself you can contact us via the website, facebook or call us. All of our details are on the contact page.